WordPress is the most popular blogging format. This open source software gives you exceptional power and control over your blog. The following blog posts will make sure you are getting the most out of this amazing blogging platform.

  • How to Start Writing Blog Posts That People Will Actually Read writing blog posts

    This may be hard to hear, but I want you to throw most of what you learned about grammar out the window right now! Yes, you read that right. Why? You are not a robot or writing a news article, you are a HUMAN BEING. Writing blog posts is more human and conversational, so you […]

  • 6 Powerful WordPress Plugins that are the Key to Your Blog’s Success wordpress plugins

    Now that you have successfully installed WordPress, using my previous post, How to Install WordPress and Avoid the Stress of Learning Code, it is time to consider what you plan to do with the software. You know you are starting a blog. Chances are you want people to read it. That’s where WordPress plugins come in. […]

  • How to Install WordPress and Avoid the Stress of Learning Code install wordpress

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