Most blog posts these days are read by on mobile devices. Writing for readers on-the-go is a priority for bloggers. These blog writing posts will help you to write better posts that encourage your audience to keep reading.

  • how to create a content strategy for your blog using an editorial calendar

    Blogging can be a lucrative career or a great way to earn a second income. However, most bloggers don’t make money off their blogs, despite their best efforts. Creating a content strategy and using an editorial calendar for your content can change that. Most bloggers simply aren’t consistent with their content. This means that your […]

  • wordpress categories and tags

    WordPress categories and tags help you organize your content for your audience. Understanding what they are and how to use them effectively will increase audience engagement and pageviews for your blog. Imagine that you are reading a blog post on a new blog you just discovered and you love it! After you finish the post, […]

  • how to get more followers as a new blogger

    Do you have an email list (Not a purchased one. DON’T do that!)? Thousands of followers on social media?  Of course not. If you’re reading this, you’re a new blogger! So, if you don’t have an email list and followers, how do you get more followers and convert readers into those followers? Read on to find […]

  • How to Plan Your Blog Posts without Forgetting Anything Important

    You have a lot to keep in mind when planning your blog posts. Keeping track of all of the necessary components of your blog post is really hard.  I understand your struggle. That’s why I am sharing my blog writing process today to help you plan your blog posts and remember everything important. Planning and […]

  • Who Is Your Blog Audience?

    Why are you blogging? This sounds like a silly question, but you can narrow it down to one reason: A blog audience. Yes, you write a blog because you want people to read what you write! If you didn’t want people to read your writing, you would have written a journal instead. 😉 Knowing who […]

  • How to Legally Protect Your Blog from Lawsuits and Content Theft

    If you have been following along on my series on how to create a blog, you have come a long way, my friend. So far you have learned how to sign up for webhosting, installed WordPress, created a blog post and graphics for your blog, and have learned about marketing your blog and SEO. Now it’s […]

  • How to Use SEO to Drive Traffic to Your New (or Old) Website

    In two of my previous posts, How to Start Writing Blog Posts That People Will Actually Read and Marketing Your Blog for the New Blogger: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do, I briefly mentioned SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Although you may have understood the principle of SEO, this post will go into more detail […]

  • How to Start Writing Blog Posts That People Will Actually Read

    (Updated on 1/29/2018) This may be hard to hear, but I want you to throw most of what you learned in school about grammar out the window right now! Yes, you read that right. Why? Because are not a robot or writing news articles. You are a human being writing a blog post. Your goal […]