Where Should I Focus My Marketing Efforts as a New Blogger

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Q&A Thursday. Today’s question is about marketing a new blog and comes from a new blogger who asked:


Where should I focus my marketing efforts as a new blogger?

The blogger in question was finding it difficult to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at the same time. They wanted to know where they would get their greatest ROI (return on investment) so that they could focus their efforts on a single platform.

Where Should I Focus My Marketing Efforts as a New Blogger

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My advice to new bloggers is to start marketing heavily with Pinterest. Pinterest is where the majority of successful bloggers get their traffic. Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, this is where you will get your greatest ROI.

Step 1:

Create a business account and set up rich pins. Rich pins will display more information for readers automatically and will help you track your pins.

Step 2:

Start pinning. Create boards covering all of your blogging categories at first. Later you can add more topics. Also, set up a brand board for blog posts from your website. Pin to these boards daily. Using a scheduler like Tailwind or Boardbooster is a great idea and will help you build your profile quickly.

Step 3:

Follow other bloggers in your niche on Pinterest and pin their pins. You can follow up to 50 accounts per day, but do not add or delete more than that number or your account will be blocked by Pinterest.

Step 4:

Find and join group boards in your niche. Pin to and share pins from these boards regularly, but be careful to follow the board rules. If you can’t keep track of board rules, write each board’s unique rules down on a spreadsheet.


Be sure when you pin to Pinterest that your pins are vertical. These pins perform better than horizontal or square pins. Try to create 3 or 4 unique pins for each blog post. One of these should be an infographic. Canva is a great free resource you can use to create your pins.

Also, use the 80/20 marketing rule. That means for every pin of your own, you need to pin four pins from other sources. Reciprocate, network, and play nice. Be an active board member and don’t abuse boards or pins.

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